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Revive and Recycle carry out House Clearance and House Clearances. We carry out Flat clearances, Office Clearances, Garden Clearances, Office Clearances, Shop clearances, property clearances, rubbish clearances. In fact if you have a clearance of furniture or junk of any sort we will clear it. We have been carrying out clearances for over 27 years and are fully insured, registered and able to clear your property.

We recycle around 90% of the rubbish we clear either by donating it to needy households FREE or by utilising only registered recycling centres.

We attend your property and will agree the specification for your clearance requirements with you free of charge, submitting full written quotations for approval.

Our House clearance and rubbish clearance can be carried out for private households or landlords, housing associations, councils, corporate too.

We know how to clear houses. We are a family run organisation that has been clearing houses and properties for over 27 years. 
Verminous property clearance? No problem. Environmental clearance? No problem. Squatter clearance? No Problem.
1 item clearance? No problem
Hoarder Clearance? No problem.

We offer safe, effective and cost effective clearances that are often much cheaper than any competitor due to use taking items from clearances FREE of CHARGE that we can use for our charity.

We provide Method Statements for the safe clearances of items. Risk Assessments can be provided and agreed. Survey for your clearance requirements are carried out FREE.

House clearance

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We undertake partial and full house clearances , salvaging and re using what we can and recycling the items that we cannot. We collect all items that we can re use free of charge and only charge our actual costs for any recycling element.

If we can re use all of the items in the house clearance then we carry the task out free of charge.

If we can re use some, but not all of the items, then we only charge partial costs.

And, if we cannot re use anything, the we charge accordingly.

We have undertaken house clearances in six bedroom houses that have been carried out free of charge and we have carried out house clearances in one bedroom flats that have cost a lot more.

In short, the more we can re use from your house clearance the less you will pay. 

As a NFP ( not for profit) organisation, any costs charged are our actual costs only